At Black Lives Matter Georgia, we stand at the forefront of democracy, advocating for justice, equality, and fundamental human rights. With the forthcoming election, democracy itself hangs in the balance, and every vote becomes a beacon of hope for our collective future.

Voting is not merely a civic duty; it is a powerful tool for change. It is a means through which we can dismantle systemic oppression, challenge institutionalized racism, and pave the way for a more equitable society. In this pivotal moment, democracy is not just a concept; it is on the ballot, and our voices must be heard.

We urge all citizens to recognize the significance of their vote. It is a vote for progress, for inclusivity, and for the affirmation of Black lives. By participating in the electoral process, we reject apathy and embrace the power to shape our nation's trajectory.

In support of our mission, Black Lives Matter Georgia has launched a voting drive to empower communities, particularly those marginalized and disenfranchised, to exercise their right to vote. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are committed to fostering civic engagement and promoting social justice through peaceful means.

Together, we can drive change from the ballot box to the streets, from legislative chambers to community forums. We can dismantle barriers to equality and build a future where Black lives truly matter in every facet of society.

Join us in our pursuit of justice, equality, and democracy. Your vote is your voice, and together, we can ensure that it resonates loud and clear across the nation.

Stand with us, a grassroots non-profit fighting for justice and equality in Georgia! help us to amplify the voices of the marginalized, empower communities, and dismantle systemic racism. Together, we can create lasting change. Join the movement for a brighter, more inclusive future. #BLMGeorgia #BlackLivesMatter #EqualityForAll #JusticeInGeorgia #CommunityEmpowerment #StandUpAgainstRacism

Black Lives Matter

At BLMGA, we're dedicated to fostering positive transformation within communities of color through education, training, and advocacy initiatives. Our Mission is to empower individuals, foster stronger bonds between communities and law enforcement, and advance towards a society characterized by justice and equity for all.


The Community Empowerment and Police Relations Program aims to facilitate positive change within communities of color by providing education, training, and advocacy opportunities. Through this initiative, we seek to empower individuals, strengthen relationships between communities and law enforcement, and work towards a more just and equitable society for all.


  1. Education Workshops:
    • Host educational workshops focused on topics such as understanding legal rights, conflict resolution, and de-escalation techniques.
    • Collaborate with legal experts, community leaders, and law enforcement professionals to provide comprehensive and informative sessions.

2.Training Sessions:

    • Offer training sessions designed to enhance community members' skills in effectively engaging with law enforcement.
    • Provide practical training on communication strategies, nonviolent protest tactics, and advocacy methods.

3. Advocacy Opportunities:

    • Facilitate opportunities for community members to participate in advocacy efforts aimed at addressing systemic issues related to policing and racial injustice.
    • Organize community forums, petition campaigns, and legislative advocacy initiatives to amplify voices and effect policy change.

4. Community Engagement Events:

    • Organize community engagement events that promote dialogue, understanding, and collaboration between residents and law enforcement agencies.
    • Foster positive interactions through activities such as community picnics, sports tournaments, and neighborhood clean-up initiatives.

5. Evaluation and Feedback Mechanism:

    • Implement an ongoing evaluation process to assess the effectiveness and impact of the program.
    • Solicit feedback from participants to continuously improve and tailor program offerings to meet the evolving needs of the community.

6. Impact:

  • Empower individuals with knowledge and skills to navigate interactions with law enforcement in a manner that promotes safety and respect.
  • Foster trust and cooperation between communities of color and law enforcement agencies, leading to enhanced public safety and reduced instances of conflict.
  • Contribute to the long-term goal of achieving a more just and equitable society by addressing systemic issues and promoting community-led solutions.

7. Support Needed:

  • Funding support to cover costs associated with workshop materials, training resources, venue rentals, and outreach efforts.
  • Collaboration and partnership opportunities with local organizations, law enforcement agencies, and community stakeholders.
  • Volunteer assistance to help coordinate and facilitate program activities, as well as spread awareness within the community.


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